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With 20 years experience, JRC Properties provides local factory authorized dealer
sales, installations and service through exclusive member dealers statewide.
Local factory authorized replacement windows installations ensure top quality
installations and service. Your replacement windows are measured by factory
authorized replacement window installers.
Once we receive your window quote request, our local factory authorized dealer will
schedule an on site conference to inspect your installation application, measure and to
answer any of your product and installation questions at this time.
Factory authorized installations of replacement windows is as good as it gets! We
insure efficient installation by our quality-oriented installers.
After a satisfactory conference with one of our representatives, your custom-made
window order can be placed.
Windows are generally installed within 3 to 4 weeks from the date of this conference.
The actual windows installation should be completed within a day or two depending on
the size of your window order.
Replacement window are warranted by the window manufacturer!
Vinyl replacement windows are the best and most widely available replacement
windows. In fact, vinyl window and doors are the replacement windows and door
products of choice over any other type of replacement window or patio door.
By using JRC Properties, you can have quality replacement windows and doors from
factory-authorized professionals, at the right price!